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Hair and sex

So, I went to the beauty shop the other day, or should I say the stylist? I decided to put some red streaks in my hair for a change of pace. It looks great, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep it that way. I had Mitch take care of my hair, he was . . . → Read More: Hair and sex

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Hot phone fuck on the Radio!

Well, my big news this week is the fact that I had the hottest phone fucking session live on the air Saturday night. He shall remain nameless of course so I’ll refer to him as Johnny. Poor Johnny had to wait in the chat room a long time for me to become available and . . . → Read More: Hot phone fuck on the Radio!

Interview with a Mistress

Do you dare take this challenge? Would you like to be on cockradio? Have you thought of yourself as a porn star or masturbation master? Well, here’s your chance. I’m having a contest of sorts. I would love to do a 20 minute interview with you LIVE on cockradio. But, since cockradio doesn’t have . . . → Read More: Interview with a Mistress

Yes,my name is Tia, Mistress Tia to you

So I was wondering today where I might possibly be in the search engines of google world and I decided to type in just my name, Tia. I was so surprised at some of the things I found. Toy Industry Association -hmmmm, what sort of toys? There is a restaurant in Boston named Tia’s. . . . → Read More: Yes,my name is Tia, Mistress Tia to you

Mistress of all she sees…

Hello again, I must be in a writing mood lately so here I am. I didn’t get a chance to play with any of my boys today and I have to say I did miss it. However, those of you who have been looking for the Masturbation Mistress of your dreams can dial away . . . → Read More: Mistress of all she sees…

Still Hot? Yes I am!

Yes, I’m still hot. We’re still having a heat wave in Oregon. However, I did get a chance late last night to have some fun on the phone sex lines! I can’t wait to do it again. But, since there are some big parties to attend this weekend I won’t be on the phone . . . → Read More: Still Hot? Yes I am!

Hot July Nights

Well, I’m sure if you have talked to me on the phone the last few days you know I can’t seem to think about much but the heat here. In Oregon we only get a few days of actual scorching heat and they’ll be gone. In the meantime, dipping into the pool seems to . . . → Read More: Hot July Nights