Cock Radio – click player to listen


Live and On the AIR!!

As Im sure you’ve noticed I’ve been having a great time playing with our new radio station at  It’s so much fun to tease boys live on the air!  Plus, I get to play nasty sexy music and cuss like a sailor.  Who could ask for more?  In case you haven’t heard me, . . . → Read More: Live and On the AIR!!

My Addiction

Yes, I have a few addictions (duh).  But this is my latest one, it’s COCK radio.  Now, we’re just in the testing phase at the moment and we’ll be going LIVE the 1st of July, but so far I’m totally addicted to it.  You can find COCK radio here:  Be sure to listen, . . . → Read More: My Addiction

The WHOLE thing

Ok, so today I ran a lot of errands.  Some were fun, like getting my nails done, my pedicure, eyebrows waxed, etc.  Then of course I had to take my little dog to the groomers.  That one was not so much fun because the poor little co-dependent (just like a man) soul hates the . . . → Read More: The WHOLE thing

Hey, stroker boy!

That’s right, you.  I’m talking to you.  The one who has his hand on his tool every chance he gets.  Chronic masturbation is something you think you’ve developed into an art form, right?  Wrong.  I am the only Mistress who can take you to that level.

So, have you been looking around on the . . . → Read More: Hey, stroker boy!

Confession is good for the soul

Feel the need to confess your darkest desires?  We have a new Mistress and her specialty is confessions of the kinky kind.  So, go see Mistress Rose at  and let her hear your confessions.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Summer is coming and that means short shorts and halter tops and bikinis . . . → Read More: Confession is good for the soul