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Sissies and Strokers and Cuckolds, OH MY!

Well, it’s been an extremely busy few weeks so I guess I need to update you all and let you know what’s been happening in my corner of the world. I’ve met a few brand new sissies and I hope to keep them going in their training. Some of you haven’t even progressed past . . . → Read More: Sissies and Strokers and Cuckolds, OH MY!

Houdini’s Folly

I love tying boys up, incapacitating them as best I can. So, when one of my favorite British boys finally agreed to buying handcuffs, I have to say I was a little excited to say the least. Now, I can honestly say this boy did his homework. He purchased said cuffs and followed my . . . → Read More: Houdini’s Folly

How to find a STUD!

Ok, I had to post this because it was just too funny and because it’s also TRUE. Last week I had a wonderful caller who volunteered to put himself on a webcam for me, how nice of him! After several hours of non-stop teasing and stroking he asked if he could place himself in . . . → Read More: How to find a STUD!

This Weekend

Okay, boner boys and sissy sluts, listen up! I’m going to do some marathon phone time this weekend so if you’re one of those guys that complains all the time you can “never” get ahold of me, here’s your chance. Starting at midnight Eastern time tonight I will be taking calls till my voice . . . → Read More: This Weekend