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Ok, this hits the grossest most pathetic and possibly the “gag me” award for the week. Ass wipe loser boy calls me and not only is he wearing panties, (wow, there’s a shocker) but he wants to shit in them for me AND jack off at the same time! OMG, pigs wallow in filth . . . → Read More: Ode to a SHIT SITTER

I am NOT CostCo

This is dedicated to all you pathetic wanker boys out there that IM me and e-mail me wanting to know if I give free samples. WTF?? Did you see a sign somewhere that says COSTCO?? I am insulted that you would even dare to approach me with your empty wallet in your hand expecting . . . → Read More: I am NOT CostCo

Ode to a THIEF

So, some asswipe wanker piece of crap decided to break into my car and steal my stereo last week. We know he’s stupid just for the sheer fact that he’s a car stereo thief. But, even more rediculous is the fact that the moron left behind the remote control and the box for the . . . → Read More: Ode to a THIEF

So, you think you can…

I honestly don’t believe lately the things you boys think you can get away with. Do I seem like that much of a pushover? You think you can call me drunk? AS IF! I absolutely abhor any kind of alcohol or drug abuse so get it straight, when you call me you had better . . . → Read More: So, you think you can…