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Hello little name is Tia. I have a very unique approach to my boys, more of a "motherly" type domination. Does that make your little wood stand up, boy? I see you pitching a tent in your pants. It always makes me so wet to know you're suffering with your hard little rod, unable to cum for as long as I see fit.

If you know what's good for you, you'll obey me and if you love punishment, you won't. I can make your life deliciously sweet and unbearable all at the same time. You will be forced to obey my every wish. You will submit to me body and soul, completely giving your sexual urges over to my control. I'm always looking for a new pet project to keep me occupied. Do you think you're up to the challenge? I'll have you begging for release, only to let you whimper away in despair, your little tool dangling between your legs.

My boys don't get to cum often, I love making them save it up for me, each time getting longer, and longer... You see, I know what you've been up to, trying on my panties when I'm not home...let's just see what you have on under those tidy whities, hmmm? Were you peeking at me this morning? I know your secrets, little man...and I plan to expose them all.

Will you beg for me? You're whining makes me smile in anticipation.

Have you dreamed of being taken by a Domme and forced to service her house slaves? I can keep your tongue busy all night long. The humiliation you will feel when forced to perform for my pets will be so intense, you will do anything to escape the torture and yet you won't be able to. By the way, I have female house slaves as well as male. They'll keep your little wood standing at attention, but they have been instructed by me to never let you achieve the ultimate pleasure of orgasm. That pleasure is strictly mine, when and IF I say so. From the moment of our first call together you will submit to me, or pay the extreme price of punishment only I can bestow on you. My boys obey me because they know what's good for them. I have experience in cuckolding, humiliation, feminization, roleplay and cock and ball torture (my personal favorite) Are you ready for the ultimate experience in control and guided masturbation?