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Meet the Masturbation Mistress:

Guided Masturbation

Meet Ms Tia, the Masturbation Mistress, the Queen Masturbatrix. She is a skilled Masturbatrix, who offers guided masturbation and cock control training sessions online, via email, and on the phone. Ms Tia is very experienced with directing guided masturbation sessions, and helping you get the most out of your masturbation.

Makings of a Masturbation Mistress:

Ms Tia started out as a cock controlling masturbatrix four years ago at Cock Control. Since then, she has perfected her teasing and controlling skills, and has had the opportunity to experiment with many different teasing techniques and cock controlling methods. She is now offering Masturbation Mistress services to those who would like to expand and explore the many pleasures of guided masturbation, teasing and denial, Masturbatrix training, and cockteasing.

Orgasm Denial, Teasing and Denial:

Ms Tia is also very experienced with teasing and denial, and orgasm denial. For years, Ms Tia has enjoyed controlling and teasing the cocks of men all around the world - subject your cock to the Masturbation Mistress

Ms. Tia has been so kind as to record audio samples of her guided masturbation techniques, which you will find in the "masturbation training" section of this website. Each of these audio samples gives you a glimpse into Ms Tia's seductive ways, her amazingly erotic voice, and her keen abilities to control and manipulate a man's arousal. Do yourself a favor and listen to these audio files while you peruse this website - you will find yourself craving more and more of Ms Tia's beautiful voice.

Ms Tia Says: I have ways to help a man explore his masturbation time. I enjoy coaching you to experience a more intense and stronger orgasm than you've ever had before.

Would you like to show me what you've got? I can watch you on webcam or listen to you on the phone, or both. Either way, I can't wait to hear your breathless whimpers and moans while I take you to the edge over and over again. I can instruct you in masturbation techniques you may never have known, or help you "perfect" the technique you already love.

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