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Off to Sunny Shores for a Few Days!

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Becoming My Submissive Chastity Slave, Part Two

Becoming My Submissive Chastity Pet

I know, I kept you waiting, didn’t I?  That’s how I control you, pet.  That’s how I tease you, that’s how I own you.  Notice that I added the word, “chastity” to being my submissive slave?  That’s because I prefer my boys to be in chastity.   The longing . . . → Read More: Becoming My Submissive Chastity Slave, Part Two

Vacation Time!

If you’re looking for me and getting frustrated from having a big set of blue balls all I can say is HAHAHAHAHA!  I’m on vacation until the 15th.  So, you know that means you will have to sit there with your big blue balls and wait it out!  Don’t think you’re the only one, . . . → Read More: Vacation Time!

Tactile Fetish Play

What is a Tactile Fetish?

Well, simply put, a tactile fetish is something that “feels” good and something that you enjoy in a stimulating sexual manner.  Examples of this are fur, leather, latex,rubber and silk.  I’m sure in the case of leather and latex that smell is also involved but for today we’re going . . . → Read More: Tactile Fetish Play

Hesitation Can Be The Best Tease of All

The Beginning of My Evening

He emails me, “Remember me, I’m the one who…”  I reply, “Yes, I remember you, how are you?”  A few moments go by and I receive another email.  This time it says, “Well, I know it’s been awhile and I’m very nervous, you’re not on the phone are you?”

. . . → Read More: Hesitation Can Be The Best Tease of All

Getting Ready For a Mistress Vacation!

Off on a Femdom Vacation!

I’m going to pack my suitcase Monday morning and be gone for a whole week, starting Wednesday the 11th of July!  An entire week of relaxation and sun.  I can’t wait.  I know I’ll be thinking of you and how you will miss your favorite masturbation mistress while I’m . . . → Read More: Getting Ready For a Mistress Vacation!

Lost In the Emerald City – Not an Oz Story

The Weekend Begins

Brace yourselves as this story is not really sexy in any way, but it’s all true and I had to share because it was quite funny, a little sad and a great lesson, all in one.

As some of you know I took a weekend off a few weeks ago and . . . → Read More: Lost In the Emerald City – Not an Oz Story

Confessions of a Phone Sex Diva

Since the Mistress Interviews is on hiatus for the summer I thought I would have my own personal confession time right here on my blog.  These are some of the things you may not know about me, but you probably wondered.  If you didn’t wonder, that’s ok, I’m going to tell you anyway.  I . . . → Read More: Confessions of a Phone Sex Diva

Steamy Phone Sex Sundays

I love Sundays.  Sundays are the one chance I usually get to take some of your sexy fetish phone sex calls.  I have to say, I really enjoy it.  You can have your football, I’ll take my phone sex.  Speaking of football I have it on a recording that a certain chatter promised me . . . → Read More: Steamy Phone Sex Sundays

Chastity, Strokers and Humiliation Pigs

“You will be lucky if you get to come again in 3 months”, I said.  “But, you can keep stroking.”  That was just a portion of one of my calls last night.  “Go into the bathroom, stick your head in the toilet and oink like a pig”, that was another call.  “Stroke it, slowly . . . → Read More: Chastity, Strokers and Humiliation Pigs