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What’s Your Panty Personality, Sissy Boy?

Your Panty Personality

Every sissy and crossdresser out there have a favorite type of panty they like to wear, right?  But, what does your favorite panty style and fabric or color say about you?  Are you bold and daring?  Are you a shy little submissive sissy?  Do you like to be a tease or . . . → Read More: What’s Your Panty Personality, Sissy Boy?

COcktoberfest is HERE!

What a way to kick off COCKtoberfest!  Check out this awesome special tonight only!

Feminization and Sissy Fantasies

Feminization Fantasies

I promised I would cover the topic of feminization and sissy fantasies a few posts ago.  It will most likely take more than one post to cover all the aspects of sissies and sissy boys and feminization fantasies.  There are so many to choose from, it’s a virtual smorgasbord.

Let’s begin with . . . → Read More: Feminization and Sissy Fantasies

An Opportunity for All of My Sissies! -Sissy Shoes for Charity

Time to Go Shoe Shopping, Sissy!

I bet your little sissy eyes just lit right up, didn’t they?  Do you love shoes?  Sweet sissy, of course you love shoes.  Sexy heels are the best, we all know that.   The way a sexy pair of shoes can accentuate a lovely rear and long legs . . . → Read More: An Opportunity for All of My Sissies! -Sissy Shoes for Charity

My Lesbian Lover

Lesbian or crossdresser?  You decide.

I bet most of you thought of me as a typical heterosexual femdom, didn’t you?  Well, little did you know that I have had a few lesbian relationships in my past.  I’ve enjoyed the company of a female from time to time and I’ve also enjoyed the company of . . . → Read More: My Lesbian Lover

Humiliating Feminization

Sissy’s First Time

If you are a sissy you most likely started out at a pretty young age, right?  I mean, one day you were folding the laundry and that pretty pair of pink panties that belonged to your step mom or step sister just caught your eye.  You couldn’t help it, they felt . . . → Read More: Humiliating Feminization

The Past Week (or Two) in Phone Sex Fun!

Special Sissy girls!

I have a few special girls that I enjoy talking to so much.  I’ve mentioned Michele a few times, as you know.  She was one of my very first sissies and she has blossomed fantastically over the years.  She doesn’t call on a real regular basis but when she does, it’s . . . → Read More: The Past Week (or Two) in Phone Sex Fun!

Guided Masturbation and the Sissy

A Sissy’s View on Guided Masturbation

I was looking back through some of my past posts and noticed there were a lot of comments on the post I did in July 2012 regarding guided masturbation and chastity.  It seems a lot of you weighed in with your opinions and I thought it deserved a . . . → Read More: Guided Masturbation and the Sissy

Your Turn to Get Lucky! Free Phone Sex in December

Get Lucky in December (December 2nd, to be exact)

My last post was about the fact that I consider myself so lucky to be able to spend my days and nights on the phone sex lines talking about everything and anything, both kinky and non kinky.  I am truly thankful for having such a . . . → Read More: Your Turn to Get Lucky! Free Phone Sex in December

The Transformation of Michele

A Sissy Transformation

Let me tell you a little about Michele. Michele and I first met on the phone quite a few years ago. I think, to be exact, it was about 8 years ago. Now, Michele and I don’t speak daily or even weekly. But, we do speak on a fairly regular basis . . . → Read More: The Transformation of Michele