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Masturbation Mistress – It’s Time for a Cool Change…of Schedule!

Hello to all of you strokers, sluts, sissies and depraved masturbators!  I have a HUGE announcement.  Starting November 1st, you will be able to speak with your masturbation mistress in the DAYTIME!!!  I know, can you believe it?  Believe it.  November 1st is when it all begins.  Hours will be 9 AM to 2 PM Pacific time.  These hours will only take place Monday through Friday and, as always, can be subject to change if I have appointments or need to be away.  As always, check the schedule page.

Night time masturbators, don’t worry.   I will still be available in the evenings but not as late as I have been in the past.  Hours will be 7 PM to 11 PM most nights.  So, don’t panic, your masturbation instructions, spankings, cum eating sessions, cuckold phone sex sessions, etc. will still be available.  I couldn’t possibly leave you yet, could I?

Good pet.

Ms Tia

1 comment to Masturbation Mistress – It’s Time for a Cool Change…of Schedule!

  • TeasedM

    I serve You every day Ms Tia. A call during the day would be a cool change.
    Maybe a call in the boardroom at work. My mind is racing now!!!

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