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Five Reasons to Eat Your Own Cum For Your Mistress

Learn to Eat Your Own Cum

Someone recently remarked to me that they don’t see much in the way of cum eating covered here on my blog.  Although I think learning to eat your own cum is a fantastic thing to learn to do for your mistress, I guess I never gave a lot of thought to talking about it.  I assumed you all knew it was something you should do for your mistress, if you’re capable of it, that is.

The first reason you should want to eat your own cum is simple. You want to do it because it’s something you’ve fantasized about for a very long time and you really want to work up the courage to do it.

The second reason is to please me; your mistress.  I think this should be the first reason, to be honest, but desire does need to be first.  Of course immediately following desire is the need and desire to please me; your mistress.

The third reason is because you know in your heart that it’s a very kinky and intimate way of showing your mistress that you will obey her every command.  If you are on any type of masturbation schedule or chastity training, cum eating should be part of your training.  In fact, I believe you shouldn’t be allowed to ejaculate unless you’re going to eat your cum for your mistress.

The fourth reason is humiliation.  Come on, you know that part of the reason you want to learn to eat your own cum is because it makes you feel like the filthy little beast that you are.  If you get good at it, you may be able to clean up your own mess from your lover’s pussy.  Or better yet, cum on her ass and lick it up.  She will think you are so kinky and LOVE it!

The fifth and final reason is just so simple.  Your mistress wants you to do it!!  I find it so incredibly sexy that you are going to eat your cum for me.  In fact, I absolutely refuse to let you cum unless you promise to eat it for me.  You know you want to.  You think about licking up your own mess quite a bit, don’t you?  Come on, EAT YOUR CUM!

6 comments to Five Reasons to Eat Your Own Cum For Your Mistress

  • ticklishstuey

    I loved this post Mistress Tia, I will always do as instructed.

  • Tia

    I am so glad you enjoyed the cum eating post! I have to admit, it was brought to my attention that I had never really discussed it on my blog and that surprised me. So, naturally, I had to take care of that oversight. Keep lapping it up, pet

  • TeasedM

    Yes Mistress Tia, I agree on all five points.

    Once the idea of eating my own cum was planted in my head, I knew that one day it would happen.
    It took a fair bit of training and patience on Ms Tia’s part but She made it happen – I licked up a load for Her.

    I always do my best to please my Mistress. I need to please my Mistress. If eating my cum pleases Her, I do it.
    Chastity and masturbation scheduling make it impossible to refuse.

    Eating my cum has become a way to show my devotion to my Mistress.
    It is humiliating, but Ms Tia only allows me release on two Mistress calls.
    On these is very clear to me that if I am going to be allowed released I will lick it up for the Ladies.
    I always ending up swallowing every drop and feeling proud to have shown my devotion to Ms Tia.

    The humiliation of eating my cum is much a part of our sessions. I know that Ms Tia loves it when I prove my devotion in front of another Mistress.

    If my Mistress wants me to eat cum – I eat cum!!

  • TeasedM

    Between the long term training and the tease and denial I am at the point that I look forward to eating cum for Ms Tia!
    My releases are always planned around a two Mistress call and I end up eating cum for two of the LDW ladies.

  • Shannon

    It was well worth the wait for you to blog about cum eating. Especially the 4th reason – humiliation and with it, feeling vulnerable.

  • dickwacker

    Hi Mistress I love this post. Should a slave eat his cum????? FUCKIN RIGHT HE SHOULD. Eating my cum for any Mistress I am serving is a must. Not only do I eat it but it is even more humiliating when I am required to play cum eating games. So it is music to my ears when Mistress says now pour that fucking disgusting cum into your pig mouth, but don’t you dare swallow it. Now I know the real humiliation is about to begin. From that point she may require that I blow cum bubbles, gargle the goo, swish it around in my mouth or just hold it there and play repeat after me games with a mouthful of slave juice. The longer she requires me to hold it in my mouth the more disgusting it becomes, the more humiliated I feel, and the more I hear her laugh. Of course I am always on cam while doing these nasty things. Sometimes after several minutes she says now swallow slave or if she is feeling nasty she may say now spit all that into your hands and rub it on your face. I always do whatever Mistress wishes.

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