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Becoming My Submissive

Introduction to Becoming a Submissive

I know you weren’t really excited about becoming my submissive bottom at first.  But, when you finally came to the painful realization that this was the only way to keep me happy and still be able to enjoy some sort of sexual activity, you finally gave in.  The slow decline of your sexual abilities over the years was both devastating and humiliating.  But, what did you expect when you married a beautiful woman that was 10 years your junior?  Sooner or later it was bound to happen.

As I told you, MY equipment was working just fine.  I need to be satisfied one way or another, don’t I?  It’s totally up to you.  You can either become my submissive bottom or I can cuckold you and you can be my submissive sexless cuckold.  Your choice.  After all, we both have known for  quite some time that I’m in charge in this relationship anyway, right?  Sexually or otherwise.  I’m going out shopping tomorrow and we will begin your submissive training tomorrow evening.   Now, just to be sure you do as you’re told, hand over your wallet.  Oh, and your keys.  I don’t want you doing anything other than the items on this list.  While I’m shopping, here is a list of things for you to do:

  1.  Shave your entire body smooth.  Armpits, genitals, chest, legs, everything.  I left you plenty of razors and shaving gel in the bathroom.  It’s going to take you awhile since this is your first time, but that’s ok.  Take your time and make sure to get every single hair.  There will be an inspection when I return.
  2. Give yourself an enema.  I expect my submissive boys to be clean and cleaned out.  No questions.  Just do it.

Once you’ve done those things, sit pretty and wait for me to return.  It will be the most agonizing wait of your life, but it will be worth it.


Ms Tia


part 2 of this story to be posted this week.


7 comments to Becoming My Submissive

  • Kendra

    I will do as you wish and will be waiting obediently for the next set of instructions 👩‍❤️‍👩

  • Tia

    What a good subby you will turn out to be, Kendra.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’d love to be your submissive. I do get waxed monthly for soft/smooth look. With me being your submissive are you going to put me in matching bra/panty set along with me wearing only women’s clothes as well as giving me makeover/arched eyebrows/French manicure/put lipstick on me and make me your weak,submissive, feminine cream puff?

  • TeasedM

    I am really looking forward to part 2 Mistress Tia.

  • tom aka debra

    OMG MIstress Tia, Being one step ahead of you as I dress like a sissy now and have for a long while.Yes I long to be your bottom sub.The only reason i know that you denie me an orgasm is that it will teach me to focus more on you. But i know that you know best when to allow me that honor to cum for you. It would also be an honor to wear your chasity device so you would have total control over my orgasms.One can only wonder how long you would denie me.Each day my desire to please you gets stronger.Thank you Mistress Tia

  • Tia

    Awwww, Debra. If only more sissy subs could be like you! So willing to give up your chastity, secure in the knowledge it will bring you enlightenment and help you be a better submissive sissy. As far as how long you will be denied…hmmmm, I can’t say. LOL.

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