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Top 5 Reasons I Love Orgasm Denial

Orgasm Denial – Five reasons I love it

I have been interested in orgasm denial for many years.   About 15 years or so, to be exact.  There are so many reasons that it is a thrilling form of domination.  But, here is a list of my top 10 reasons.

  1.  I am completely in control.  I get to tell you how, when, and where you get to masturbate.  Unless I tell you, you will not have an orgasm until I decide.  I know there are many other instances in which I am control, but this one is my favorite.  Why?  Because that little thing between your legs is also one of your favorite toys.  No more!  Now, it’s mine.  I get to control your penis and manipulate it, as well as your mind.  To me, orgasm denial is the most submissive thing a man can do, besides worshiping my body, but we’ll get into that later.
  2.   Communication is key.  Together, we learn what your limits are in orgasm denial and we attempt to stretch them beyond the usual boundaries.  For instance, if you’ve only gone a week or two without an orgasm, we try to stretch it out to a month.  But, we do that a little at a time.  If you’ve always wanted to wear panties as part of your training, we can incorporate that, also.  If you’ve wanted to try anal play, or wear a cock ring, we can do that, too.  Even erotic pain play can come into a good orgasm denial training session.  There is no limit and no “one size fits all” session.
  3.   We are only limited by our imaginations.  You and I can decide together what sort of toys we will use when we play on the phone.  We will decide if you get to masturbate on a schedule (no orgasm, of course) or if you don’t get to masturbate and all and have to wear a chastity device.  You will be given assignments, depending on the kinks and fetishes you enjoy along with orgasm denial.
  4.   Tailor made for the individual.  For instance, if you like tease and denial in conjunction with orgasm denial, we will have long drawn out masturbation sessions that will leave you panting and gasping, as well as begging me to allow you that release you crave.  But, naturally, my sadistic side kicks into overdrive when I hear you beg so the answer will almost always be, “NO”.  Notice I said almost always.
  5.  This last one is probably my most important and favorite reason.  I get to hear you beg.  I get to hear you moan.  I get to hear you plead with me to let you have an orgasm, only to be told NO.  I can make you jump through hoops for me, or complete tasks before you are granted a release.  But, yes, my favorite thing is to hear you panting in my ear.  It’s like a sensual symphony.


If you enjoy orgasm denial as much as I do, we should talk.  I have many subbies that I’ve had for years and we are enjoying our journey through training and learning as we go.  Every session is a wonderful new discovery and test of their stamina.  Think you have what it takes?



2 comments to Top 5 Reasons I Love Orgasm Denial

  • I too agree with you Ms Tia on orgasm denial being very thrilling. Orgasm denial is such a hot sexual practice by keeping a man in a heightened state of sexual arousal for an extended length of time without an orgasm. This makes him much more attentive to you when he hasn’t cum for however long. I’m sure your 10 top reasons will keep them coming back for more.

  • peterteasetoy

    I totally agree that orgasm denial is the ultimate form of submission, Ms. Tia.

    One big aspect of it is that, while other forms of submissive can take place ‘in session’, orgasm denial is constant. In session and out of session, when you wake up with a raging hardon, when you have a shower, when you’re in a business meeting, when you see a hot girl in the street, it’s a continuous 24/7 submission that you don’t get with other forms.

    N.B. – I have to inform you that this is one of a series of Mistress blog comments I’m having to make, in order to earn a release.

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