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Chastity and Guided Masturbation, One or Both?

Guided Masturbation

I’m sure many of you wonder about guided masturbation and what it really means to you as a phone sex caller.  It’s simple, really.  You are turning over your masturbation session to me, your guided masturbation Mistress.  You will not stroke until you are told to.  I still find it incredulous that I have to say this, but you’d be surprised how many men out there have begun masturbating before they even dial the phone.  Please, don’t ruin our experience by starting without me.  You might not believe this, but I want to experience your masturbation from the absolute beginning.  I want to control and manipulate every touch and every sensation all the way through to the explosive (and it will be explosive) end.  A guided masturbation session is much like traditional phone sex.  The difference being that I make the rules and I call the shots, or strokes.    I enjoy bringing you to the edge of orgasm as many times as you can withstand.  Your quick breathing and moaning are my cues as to whether or not I increase or decrease the intensity of our session together.  For some of you, I may tell you a particularly sexy story or give you a scenario to envision while I toy with your erection in much the same way a cat plays with its prey.  However we approach your session, it will be an experience you won’t forget and my voice will be lingering in your mind long after we’ve said our goodbyes.


For me, chastity is much like guided masturbation and has a lot of similarities but with one very distinct difference.  You will NOT have an orgasm during every phone sex session with me.  You will have fun.  You will most likely get to masturbate.  You will even get to edge and probably share some fantastic erotic fantasies with me.  But, you will not have an orgasm each time.  Oh, and if you think I won’t be very very adamant about that one fact, ask my chastity slaves.  They know that once you agree to be a chastity slave, your orgasm belongs to me.  All the begging and pleading in the world is pure music to my ears.  I adore hearing your breathless words imploring me to allow you a release.  But, don’t worry.  I will eventually allow that precious release and I won’t make you wait so long that it’s unbearable.  Chastity time is based on what I think you can tolerate and what you convey to me during our first few sessions.  Just ask M, he loves going longer and longer each time.  He adores the fact that I make him wait and I tease him mercilessly until he can’t possibly go any longer.  I must admit, I enjoy our sessions as much as he does.  So, do you think you can be a chastity slave?  If you do, let’s talk.

17 comments to Chastity and Guided Masturbation, One or Both?

  • Sonali

    Miss Tia-

    You are so right when it comes to Guided Masturbation. I find that for the men who call, its much more of a satisfying experience to hand over that COCK to their Mistress right before they get that itch to start stroking it. This way the Mistress has full control and he gets to experience of surrendering his cock and just enjoying whatever she wants him to do with it 🙂


  • Peter

    Hot hot hot topics. Id love to do guided masterbation with you along with you dressing me as girl as we’ve done in last two calls. As for chastity I’ve never done that. Chastity Has never been problem as ove gone month without masterbating while on family trips. It’s hot how women can lock guys up. I give guys credit for doing that. With ms Tia it would be hard to say no to. We could do call where if you make me cum while dressing me as girl you could put me on chastity if I don’t cum then I don’t have to be locked. Great post msTia.

  • Alice Wonder

    Oh my goddess, you are so cruel.

    You say we are not suppose to stroke until you say to start, in a blog posting with a photo that is so fucking hot that I had trouble reading because my eyes kept wandering. How is anyone suppose to not stroke after seeing that? seriously. It would drive me insane.

    But I know exactly what you are talking about. I make calls with the intent of waiting for her to tell me to take my panties off yet sometime between dispatch and her picking up, I end up without them on and I don’t even realize I took them off. It is a very bad habit I need to be broken of, but pictures like that – I’m sorry but it’s just torture, cruel and unusual punishment 😉

    But you are right, I know, cruel or not I have to learn.

  • marlowe

    I love you teasing me, want to go longer in chastity but also want you, I am confused, maybe that how you want me.

  • tia

    You’re supposed to desire me while you are in chastity. In fact, that’s the point. If it didn’t drive you crazy it wouldn’t be near as much fun!

  • tia

    Alice, it is the true nature of a femdom to be heartless and cruel while being beautiful and seductive. Phone sex isn’t just about masturbating on the phone, it’s about the fantasy and the teasing seduction. This is why I want you to wait. By the way, the picture was supposed to get you worked up, silly!

  • tia

    Chastity can totally be incorporated into a feminization fantasy in much the way you describe, Peter. I would love to explore that with you on our next call!

  • PB

    Ms Tia…guided masturbation, especially on webcam, is my absolute favorite type of call. There is nothing like giving over the control of my stroking…listening to you sexy voice as you guide me to explosive bliss. Sometimes I like to pretent my hand is yours. I also find that once you have me in that excited state where my breathing is heavy, my body is quivering…I want to be dirty. i want you to have me do the kinky things I would never do when my little head and you are not in control of me. That point where I have no inhibitions. It’s true bliss…it’s like a drug…and ohhhhhhhhh how I love it….crave it….need it!!!!

  • marlowe

    Sexy and wicked, that’s why we all are submit to you. Can I ask what you enjoy about having boys locked in chastity.

  • tia

    I enjoy the fact that I now have control over the one thing every man values the most, his penis. Not just that, but I also control his masturbation habits, and his orgasms. It thrills me to know that I have that much power and there is nothing he can do about it.

  • tia

    You put that so well, Dude. Those are all the things I love about chastity and guided masturbation. It’s as if we become one entity and the experience takes on a whole new level of excitement!

  • Peter

    great call last night MsTia. OMG I really am your new chastity pet. Your voice is awesome as I had hard time not Cumming. Look forward to our next call. Thank you again for great call.

  • tia

    So, where are you now, pet?

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    I am into female domination and have been into BDSM for many years. I also practice orgasm denial. This involves my being in chastity from 7 to 15 days. During those days, I am not allowed to touch that penis. When I am granted the permission to stroke, it is under guided masturbation, involving lots of edging, tease and denial, and even masturbation marathons. Chastity AND guided masturbation in this scheduled combination has opened up a new world of sensuous experience, as I have come to recognize that that penis, those testicles, and that cum are for my mistress’s pleasures. The number of orgasms are now at once every 8 to 9 months, and that is only when it pleases her to cum.

  • Peter

    I’ve been busy with relocating after labor day I will resume calls with you. I really learned so much after our last call. You were awesome as always. Is it possible to do more of you keeping me dressed as girl. I want to make that our theme. Keeping me in bra, panty, lipstick, perfume as well as French manicure. Look forward to our next call.

  • Kendra_CD

    The Guided Masturbation sounds like fun. Add some crossdressing and Feminization into the mix now that sounds like that will be my best phone session..I will have to give that a try. My panties are getting wet just thinking about it…yummie got to run..
    – love

  • tia

    I truly enjoyed our call, also. It was so much fun! I hope we get a chance to do it again very soon. It was such a great fantasy and I had a great time with it.

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