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Pretty Sissies and Fancy Faggotry

Pretty Sissy Fun

This week has been sissy week so far and I’m adoring every single second of it.  Particularly with the holiday season upon us, it’s even more fun to shop for sweet sissy panties and sexy lingerie together.  My absolute favorite thing for any sissy is to send them out for a pedicure and manicure along with a facial and of course some shopping assignments.  Then, they have to come home and model for me!  If they are feeling really slutty we might even take a little trip to the adult toy store for a new dildo.  You can’t imagine the thrill of listening or even watching a sissy suck and fuck her new dildo for me on the phone sex line or on webcam.  I have discussed so many things with my sissies this week.  Everything from stockings and garters to high heels and hairdos.  I love it all.  Being a woman is truly a wonderful thing and the fact that you want to step into my world and you want me to guide you there makes me feel especially honored.  It’s an adventure I really enjoy taking and together we can enjoy exploring your feminine side, which just truly makes my heart swell.  So, come on, get your frilly panties and your pretty pink lipsticks out, let’s have some fun!

Fancy Faggotry

In addition to sissies I have come across quite a few closet cocksuckers lately.  I love how you slowly confess to me your ultimate secret.  You love to suck cock.  You ask me over and over again if this makes you gay and I answer you emphatically.  What do I answer?  You’ll have to find that out for yourself of course.  But, if you’re a closet cocksucker or even if you’ve never ventured out to suck a cock, I can help you make that fantasy a reality.  I love coached cocksucking so much!  I love whispering in your ear and giving you very detailed instructions on what to do with that luscious hard cock.  It makes your mouth water just thinking about it, doesn’t it?  I have to confess, mine too!  I feel like the queen of coached cocksucking, one fancy faggot at a time!


Ms Tia

4 comments to Pretty Sissies and Fancy Faggotry

  • Tiaspet

    i am a relatively new sub, but i worship Mistress Tia and although i have never thought of being a sissy or a faggot, i cant help but know that i would do whatever my Mistress wished me to do. i must agreee with Her that being a woman is a wonderful thing, and i do adore Her greatly. During a phone session, with Her voice in my ear, i am helpless to Her and i must obey Her. i have not yet done a cam session, but the thought of it is exciting. She has a power over me. If anyone is looking to enjoy these kinds of sessions with a truly intelligent and captivating Woman, then Mistress Tia will stimulate your brain, heart, and other necessary organs in a way no other Woman possibly will.

  • tia

    You are a very good submissive and a dutiful pet. I look forward to a webcam session with you so that I can see the tortured look on your face as I put you through your paces!

  • BlondeAngela

    Tia, you seem to be a wonderful teacher of sissies.
    You seem to have a passion for feminizing sissies and teaching them to suck men’s cocks and please men. That is lovely of you. You must be a very loving lady.
    It is wonderful being a beautiful feminized sissy, learning to allure men with feminine charm, kissing and hugging with men and sucking their cocks and being taken as a lady by a man in the sissy’s back pussy.

    You seem to enjoy teaching femme gay sissies the art of female impersonation and to dress them and make them up as a beautiful feminine ladies and please handsome masculine men, and that is wonderful for them.

    I started dressing as a female and dating men in my teens.
    I eventually transitioned from male to female, I am now a beautiful feminine pre-op transwoman, and I live as a wife to my man Todd. I am on estrogen and anti-androgens, have had facial feminization surgery, and have breast implants.
    Being feminized has been a wonderful for me, to go from being a femme gay teenaged boy to being a beautiful feminine lady.

  • tia

    It is so nice to hear from someone who has experienced the thrill of transformation and is enjoying what’s on the “other side”. I’m so happy that you stopped in and said hello and even happier that your new life is turning out so well. Congratulations!

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