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The Road to Chastity with Your Mistress

Cock Teasing Femdom

Yes, I’m a cock tease.  No matter how you put it, that’s what it boils down to.  Do I love wearing short skirts and sexy stockings?  Hell yes.  Do I love wearing a low cut blouse or sweater and bending over to give you a peek at these lovely creamy mounds?  You bet I do.  In fact, I find myself intentionally looking for that bulge that I know will appear in your pants.  But, if you are one of my chastity boys you can only get so hard before that familiar pain creeps up on you.  The one that says your little plastic cage is about to impose its own torture, designed to keep you from getting any harder.  I love seeing that look on your face when that happens.  It makes me laugh out loud.  That’s why I’m a cock tease and a chastity mistress.

Dark Fantasies of Torture and Chastity

With Halloween fast approaching I’ve been thinking of how it would be if your chastity fantasy took a dark turn.  What if you were captured and imprisoned by a beautiful vampiress who fed on you and kept you locked in her dungeon?  What if you were also in chastity but she occasionally used you for her own sexual pleasures?  Well, with that thought in mind, I will be creating an erotic audio and placing it in the audio store this week.  I’m just having trouble with one thing; the title.  What should I call this sexual fantasy of dark torture?  Any ideas would be appreciated.

I’m off to get ready for a charity benefit dinner.  See you all later!


2 comments to The Road to Chastity with Your Mistress

  • peterteasetoy

    I thought you wrote ‘chastity’ benefit dinner for a moment then, Ms. Tia!

    How about, ‘A Vampiress’s plaything’

    Or ‘Enslaved by a Vampiress’?

    Oh, and I LOVE a cocktease!

  • tia

    I love “Enslaved by a Vampiress”. I’ve had to go back and do some rewriting on the audio, not enough sex. Imagine that!

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