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Masturbation games

Hello all!  I’m getting ready to take off for my annual 4 day trip to the beach and sadly the last one for the season.  Sad for me, great news for all of you as I will be here much much more and answering that sweet seductive phone sex line much more often.  I’ll be returning to the phone sex line Tuesday evening, the 9th of September.  So, if you just can’t seem to stand the wait, I thought I’d come up with some masturbation games you can play while I’m on vacation.  I designed a few for every taste so if you don’t like one, pick another one.  Happy Wanking!

#1 – See how many words you can make out of the word MASTURBATION while stroking.  No fair cumming until you’ve exhausted all your possibilities.

#2 – Masturbate anytime someone says the word vacation.  If you live alone, the TV can also be a “someone”.  This could become interesting if your neighbor is outside this weekend when you are mowing the lawn and just happens to say the word “vacation”.

#3 – This one is for the sissies.  You must wear a beach type item the entire weekend.  You can masturbate in it if you like.  But the point is to feel beachy, even if the only item you have on is your new Jackie “O” sunglasses.

#4 – Masturbate once to full orgasm for each alcoholic beverage you consume this weekend.  This could get interesting particularly if you are consuming the alcohol all on the same day.  I am envisioning some of you not being able to find your penis, much less masturbate by the end of the evening.

#5 – Masturbate without cumming at least 5 times this weekend (the number of days I’ll be gone).

#6 – Last one, boys.  Don’t masturbate at all.  Not even one stroke.  UNLESS  you are on the phone with one of the lovely Empresses from LDW and she gives you permission!  This one is more an instruction than an actual game, but what the fuck.
Later babies,

Ms Tia

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